Friday, 9 March 2012

SETOOL BOX for Sony Ericsson Tutorial


Interface: connection point of the box with software

Speed: the speed of data transfer from computer to HP

Phone Type: select the type of HP that will be executed

Add: to enter the firmware (main and FS)

Unlock / repair: to open the locks and make repairs in case of errors / bugs

FLASH: to start the flashing process

Read Flash: to make backup firmware

Read / write GDFS: for backup and dump GDFS

Identify: to see the connection of mobile phones to computers and identifiers

TESTPOINT OK: used when flashing and unlock when software ask testpoint

Quit: to exit from the software SETOOL BOX

Steps Flashing:

1. Connecting phone with SETOOL BOX3

2. Batteries do not conectted first

3. Select the type of phone in "Phone Type"

4. Click the Identify button while the battery conectted

5. Liat its CID and Color

6. Insert the flash file by pressing the "Add"

7. Raw Main and FS files inserted together

8. Sign In menu "Settings" check settings "Complete phone after flash"

9. Press the "FLASH" to start flashing process

10. After finishing the process of flashing press the "Unlock / Repair" Wait until finished and ready to use mobile phones

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