In an attempt to repay his debt to a loan shark, Ajib, a whiz on wheels, agrees to participate in a "winner-take-all" illegal bike race against his rival, Tiger. Unbeknownst to him, foul play was on the cards ... and the race ends in a fatal accident... and his own tragic death. Unaware of what has happened, Ajib wakes up from what he assumes was sleep, only to see his own corpse in the living room circled by friends and family reciting prayers for him. He soon realizes that he is trapped between the two realms when no one appears to be able to see him - with the exception of Ibrahim, an aspiring religious scholar. Constantly watching over his mother and brother, Akim - devising of ways to make them aware of his existence, he sees the loan shark demanding them to repay Ajib's debt to him. Realizing that his family is in danger, he turns to Ibrahim for help to protect his family..
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 TAI dan KUN merupakan dua orang kawan baik yang mempunyai masalah dengan pihak berkuasa. Sifat mereka yang suka bergaduh dan mencuri telah menyebabkan mereka bertembung dengan ahli – ahli Geng Pink dan Purple. Oleh kerana Tai dan Kun telah membelasah kedua – dua ahli geng dengan teruk, ketua Geng Pink, MANAN dan ketua Geng Purple, SARIP merasa tertarik dengan kehebatan mereka berdua dan mengajak Tai dan Kun untuk menyertai geng mereka. Sikap Tai dan Kun yang tamak telah menyebabkan mereka menerima pelawaan dua – dua geng tanpa pengetahuan ketua geng masing – masing. Geng Pink dan Geng Purple merupakan musuh ketat dan sering bergaduh. Mereka juga bersaing dalam perniagaan DVD cetak rompak. Kehadiran Tai dan Kun yang kelihatan hebat telah menyebabkan mereka mendedahkan segala kegiatan mereka dan mengharapkan pada Tai dan Kun untuk membantu mereka supaya menjadi lebih kaya. Semenjak daripada itu, kehidupan Tai dan Kun dilimpahi dengan kemewahan. Kesetian Tai dan Kun hanya terletak pada wang. Namun, Geng Pink dan Geng Purple mula ditimpa masalah yang mana semua kegiatan mereka sering dihidu polis. Masing – masing mula menunding jari menuduh geng lain. Tapi dalam diam, ada dalang yang membocorkan semuanya dan Tai dan Kun dituduh sebagai dalanganya namun Sarip dan Manan tidak percaya. Siapakah dalang yang sebenarnya? Apakah yang akan terjadi pada Tai dan Kun?
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Dubbed the "Five Tigers", Malaysian actors Melvin Sia, Henley Hii, Hero Tai, Rayz Lim and Billy Ng portray secondary school students who end up joining gangs for different reasons, including protection from bullies, financial problems, power struggles and various other temptations.
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Nokia File Browser v4.5.2

  • hex viewer
  • text viewer
  • can copy drive c to e
  • can set drive password
  • can unlock drive
  • can create partition
  • can create backup
  • can move message attachment directly
  • can view all system folders
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X-plore is a file manager for mobile phones, with a wide range of functions on the phone's file system.


* View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view

* Integrated text and image viewer
* View file details
* Edit file attributes (hidden, read-only, etc)
* Rename and delete files
* Create or edit text files
* Create folders
* Multi-selection
* Copy or move files and folders
* Send files via Bluetooth or infrared
* Extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives
* Pack files to Zip archive
* View Word documents
* Hardware device info
* View processes and tasks
* Built-in program updater
* Viewing, saving files in messaging folders
* Hex viewer and editor
* Search files
* Folder hotkeys
* Simple audio player
* Simple video player

1.45 - Correct date on copied files, chessboard under transparent images, allow to delete read-only files, edit attributes on multiple files

1.50 - Android version. Persian language
1.51 - Audio preview, fixed Nokia E72 shortcuts

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