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Here is a quick guide to SeDBx, I see a few users asking for help, even though the interface is very simple...

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Since SeDBx USB Flashing has been added, to use this, select USB from the box to the right of Boot.
Put the phone into Flash Mode, either the "c" key or "2" in models such as W880 and W888.
Install the USB Flash Driver, you can find this driver in X:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_DBX\USBFlashDriver
You can now press Boot and the phone will be attached in USB Mode.

The image above shows the correct setup for a W200c, the setup for other models is the same:-

MCU 1 = Main Flash File (large MCU file)
MCU 2 = File System (smaller MCU file)
MCU 3 or 4 = Update Agent (smallest MCU file - FOTA/EROM/CERT)
CUST\FSUP = BIB or BIC file (This is needed or phone will be in config error - This option is AKA Complete Phone)
(BIB files are used to convert the phone from one market region to the other, e.g. language change
BIC files are used if you only want to upgrade the phones software version, but change no other attributes)

All that needs to be done now is click "Flash" button.

(MCU files can be in any order, but I would s***est to use like the above image, since this is the correct flash order, Update Agent is not a required image, you do not have to update this, unless you are changing the CID version, in this case UA Update IS REQUIRED)



1. Connect Phone without battery to cable, click "Boot", insert battery.
2. No need to select model, the software will select the model via the phones TAC, if the phones TAC does not exist in the TAC database, please select the phone manually from the list. (also post your TAC and full model name in the discussion thread, e.g. 12345601 W777i (I,IM,A,C))
3. GDFS Info on Boot - This option will display useful information such as CXC and CDA version, note this option does not work for all phones, W200 is an example of this.
4. Skip Info Checking - Is sometimes useful to boot phones which are damaged from profile error or other small corruption.
5. Load/Save from/to Ini, once you have setup the required flash files, you can click "Save to Ini" and it will store the names for future use, note the Ini settings are read auto on phone boot, if the TAC does not exist, select the model manually and then click "Load from Ini"
6. If you get any kind of flash error, try the process again, if the error still exists, click "Generate Log" and post the output in the discussion thread, we will attempt to resolve your issue.


NOTE: Write GDFS has been kept as an R&D Option for the moment, as we see many people writing GDFS to their phones without the knowledge of what they are actually doing, so Read GDFS is only useful for education at the moment or other advanced use (Hi FTS )

Use ID Loader, this option is not available for all models, W200 is an example of this, in this mode the GDFS is read in one block, so the blocks count can be left at 1.
When ID Loader is not selected, the CS loader will be used, if you are not sure how many GDFS blocks are active, use the greatest value.
Records count can be increased from the default, note some phonebook records can be greater than 4096.
Add ASCII comments, will add ASCII to the dump, this will allow easier reading by the end user.
Dump While Reading, this option dumps the GDFS output to the listview, note this will slow the GDFS reading by a small amount.

Res ULock - Reset Phone Unlock Code, note this is not network lock, but phone lock, only supports DB2020 at the moment, for others do "Read GDFS" info to display the code and then reset back to 0000 via the phones menu if required.

CID Upgrade - The box to the right will show the next CID up available for the connected phone, if the box is blank, you are on the latest supported CID, note this only works for DB2020/DB2012 phones at the moment and will only work with latest DB2020/DB2012 phones. Check that you have the firmware for the CID you want to upgrade too BEFORE upgrading the CID.

Support - This button is used to access the Support Area.

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